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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tool stress my system during scanning?

This tool will scan your web application server and might consume your server resources. Do plan your scanning at production site during non-peak hours or run the scan at your staging server if your system can’t afford service de-grade at any time.

Will this scan tool harm my system?

No, this tool will test out the vulnerabilities and stop once the vulnerabilities is found and a report produced. It won’t harm your system as no further exploitation will be initiated based on the findings.

What does this tool do?

This tool is a tool to scan and report a vulnerabilities that might exist in your current web application. With the report, and based on severity, you can rectify the issue to avoid potential attacks from hackers that might get exploited by them.

Is this tool is a standard tool used by penetration tester?

Yes, this tool is built based on an OWASP standard framework and are updated from time-to-time aligned with findings on new attack vectors.

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