Website & Web Application Vulnerabilities Scanning Tools

eZSecure enables your team to discover the vulnerabilities you might had in your website or web application. Our tools is easy to use that you need no technical experience to perform the scanning.

Scan Your Website with Easy to Use Tool

We are using tools that are used by experienced pen-tester. No extra configuration is needed and you will be using the same exact settings used by them.

Website link spidering

Register your domain and crawl all the pages in your website and web application. This is to control your scanning

Website active scan

We offer active scan feature in this tool to enable automation. Automate your scanning and focus on your core business.

Website passive scan

An advance scanning capabilities. Set your own parameter that suits your need. Experience is required.


Prevent attack from hackers

Know your vulnerabilities before somebody finds it out. Rectify the issue immediately to prevent hackers exploiting the weakness to do you any harm.

Security Verification

Verify the security of your front end interface and server using our vulnerability assessment tool. Report to your management to strengthen your internet services security.


Increase Customer Confidence

Reveal to your customer the scan report to increase their level of trust in your online services.


Better Discovery, Self-service Pentest Reporting

Instant access, scheduled scan and custom to needs Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in an innovative way with valuable results. 

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